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"Hail Mary!"

An irreverent look at religious fundamentalism. This comedy introduces Mary, a plucky novice who bravely does battle with her Mother Superior, a staunch defender of "that old time religion." Mary puts her future as a nun in serious jeopardy when she dares teach the children her personal, unorthodox views of God and his commandments. Her dream of Sisterhood is further threatened with the untimely arrival of a childhood sweetheart who suddenly declares his love. Will Mary give it all up for the love of a man? Or will she listen to the pixiliated priest who mysteriously appears and declares Mary to be the world's next savior?

Praise for "Hail Mary!"

Jimmy Fowler, Fort Worth Weekly:

A wealth of sharp, invigorating, and occasionally hilarious verbal sparring over existential issues that transcend Catholicism.

The script has enough dramatic symmetry not to make Mother Regina into the black-caped she-beast of Christopher Durang's stage nightmares. She sincerely views conservative church teaching as a solid foundation for living and a bulwark against life's arbitrary cruelties, as exemplified by a family crisis from her own youth that led her into a lifetime of church service.

Audiences who want a bracing combination of laughter and deep thoughts should check out this beaming comedy.