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Over the Tavern: The TV Show

Don't touch that remote! The Pazinskis, America's favorite repressed 1959 Catholic family, are now starring in their own TV show -- on your stage. These two one-acts are written in the style of TV episodes but are designed for live performance. In Episode 1, 12-year-old comedian Rudy is pitted against ruler-wielding Sister Clarissa and faces that most dreaded of all disciplinary tactics: a meeting with the parents! In Episode 2, Rudy gets the whole family involved when he turns a simple act of genuflecting into the moral dilemma of the century. Perform these one-acts as written, or add your own commercials and news breaks for a total evening of family-friendly fun and nostalgia.

The Plays

Two new one-act plays featuring the Pazinski Family and Sister Clarissa!
The Irish Adaptation of "Over the Tavern"
Hilarious and heartfelt conflict over a “miracle” in the family barbershop. “Best comedy of the year in Connecticut. You have to see it to believe it.” ...John Georgette, Jr.,
An hilarious and touching depiction of 1959 Americana. “Absolutely enchanting... a little bit of heaven!”
-Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune
The Pazinski clan ten years later, embroiled in the turbulent 60’s. “This is a ‘Moon’ that winces with pain and winks with joy.”
-Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times
“Over the Tavern’s” final chapter takes place in the bar room almost a decade later, during the infamous Blizzard of ’77, and masterfully completes the Pazinski saga.
“Exhilarating, profound: what ineffective little adjectives to describe 'Greetings!'"
-J.R. South, Albany Times-Union
An hilarious look at religious fundamentalism!
A backstage comedy about a greenhorn Buffalo playwright swept up in the whirlwind of Broadway!
One-Act Comedy
A riotous road trip back to the old neighborhood.
Fine Art Print
Classic comics from films' golden age have their own last supper -- da Vinci style!

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